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(1800 AD-2100 AD)

Planetry Sanskrantis Picture

The Present Calendar provides information about the actual positions of various planets (tropical movements) in various zodiac signs right from 1800 AD till 2100 AD. This calendar is based upon sayana system of calculation. The readers will be able to find the data of 300 years in respect of the Sun, the Mercury, the Venus, The Saturn, the Jupiter, the Moon. Time given in this calendar is the Greenwich time or 0-degree longitude. Accordingly, the time can be changed into your local time or country time. O-degree longitude is an imaginary line. Presently it passes through Greenwich, a borough of London, and terminates at the North and South poles. In ancient time 0-degree longitude used to be called as 'Lanka' and it used to pass through modern Sri Lanka, Ujjain, Kurukshetra and Rohtak and terminated at theNorth and South poles. Mahakala Temple of Ujjain represented 0-degree longitude of ancient times.

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