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Christ - a Misnomer of Lord KRISHNA of INDIA


The present book makes an humble attempt to analyze the various conflicting and contradictory views about the person of Jesus. Most of the scholarly findings were relating the legends associated with Jesus the Christ with Lord Krishna of India, others were finding Buddhist element in his teachings and character. Yet another type of studies were negating the historicity of Jesus the Christ. In view of all these conflicting and contradictory findings one gets confused and face a volley of questions as to whether Jesus really lived in India. Whether there was any person known as Jesus in first century. Was he born to a virgin or not? Was he born on Dec. 25th or some other date? Did he really start preaching at the age of 30? Was he reincarnated from Baptist John? Was he a good shepherd or cowherd? Whether he was born in Bethlehem or Nazareth. This compelling book tries to solve the Jesus riddle in the presence of the plethora of stories woven around the Jesus.