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Indian Roots of Judeo-Christianity         

Louis Jacolliot's Thesis Re-edited and Revised (English Edition)

Indian Roots

The present book is the re-edited and revised form of the English Translation of Loius Jaacolliot's original masterpiece in French titled as "La Bible Dans L'Inde". The book was published in 1876 in Paris by Librairie Internaionale, A Lacroix Et Cie Editeurs. Later its English translation was also published by G.W. Dillingham Publishers New York titled as "Bible in India : Hindu Origin of Hebrews and Christian Revelations." The present book projects India as the cradle of world civilisations. The original author wants to prove that India's contribution to the west was underestimated due to prejudiced views of the European scholars. The author successfully proves with evidences that roots of Judeo-Christianity are located in India.

ISBN-10: 818771073X
ISBN-13: 978-8187710738