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Vedic Concordance (Four Vols)

ISBN No. 81-87710--13-6 (Set 1st Edition)
ISBN No. 81-87710--81-0 (Set 2nd Edition)

The present concordance is a revised, updated, improved (technique-wise and otherwise) and enlarged Devanāgrī version of Bloomfield’s famous Vedic Concordance. It is a great reference work on the Vedas comprising of  an alphabetic pāda (quarter part) index of Vedic Mantras involving 120 Vedic texts. Following salient features have made the present volume more significant and valuable :
Though Bloomfield tried his best to represent the Vedic lores in a most perfect manner through Roman letters by applying diacritical marks, still the anusvāra, jihvāmūlīya and upadhmānīya sounds could not be represented as perfectly as they should have been. Bloomfield could not distinguish between certain sounds through his diacritical system. Moreover the diacritical system adopted by Bloomfield has become outdated these days. Under the circumstances a new student trained in the current system will find lot of difficulties to make out the century’s old system adopted and applied by Bloomfield. So the present author thought it appropriate and justified to present the Bloomfield’s concordance in the Devanāgarī script in an updated, revised and improved manner.

1.Vol Vedic Concordance of Mantras as per Rishi and Devata  ISBN-10 8187710756

2. Vol Vedic Concordance of Mantras as per Devata and Rishi  ISBN-10 8187710780
3.VOl Concordance of Vedic Rishis and Devatas  ISBN-10 8187710004

4.Vol A Vedic Concordance: A Revised, Updated and Improved Devanagari version of Bloomfield’s Vedic Concordance ISBN-10 8187710802