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The present work deals with the Vedic Science of Weather Modification. It lays down the theory and principles of Vedic operation for inducing rain and anti-rain. It also briefs up the readers with methods of rainmaking attempted in India from time to time right from the Vedic period down to the present day. It also highlights the methods of the weather forecast (from short range to long range) applied by the ancient Indians. This is the second revised, updated and enlarged edition. It features new chapters on Somayaga (Vedic Science of Rain-formation) and Agnisomiya Pasuyaga (The Process of Rain-formation as defined in the Vedas). In this new edition, some of the chapters forming the part of the first edition were found not so relevant as to be dealt with in the domain of Vedic Meteorology, so they have been deleted. For instance, Appendix III on ‘Nature of Science and Technology in the Vedic Age’ and Chapter 2 on ‘Origin and Evolution of Universe’ have been deleted from this edition as separate books have been demanded by our worthy readers on these two subjects.