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The YogadarSana:

The Science of Psycho-engineering

Yoga Darsana Picture

The present edition of Yogadarśana of Patañjali is the first ever work that includes Sanskrit Text of Patanjali, Vyāsa Bhāṣya, Bhoja Vṛtti, Roman Transliteration, and Scientific translation in English language according to Vyāsa Bhāṣya and Bhoja Vṛtti. In this work, it can be observed that in a brilliant, concise, and descriptive way, Patañjali used words to express one of the legacies of Yoga. After a millennia, his singular work is still reverberating majestically. The term engineering can be understood as a set of technical and scientific knowledge that aims at its application and implementation so that a specific function or objective can be realized. Patañjali's work is a "Science of Psycho-engineering", because it is a methodology that leads to human liberation. Another fundamental factor of his work is perpetuity; only the Truth has this power of survival over time and space, as it sustains itself. The genius of Patañjali and his commentators lies in profoundly experienced wisdom, that is, not only words from intellectuality, but also by the real verification of the proposed path ,